Our Story

1941 – the Lacour Hotel Restaurant has been created by
the Lacour Family

The Lacour Hotel has been a Family-Run Hotel since 1941.
In 1941, Mrs Francine Lacour (born Guérin) and her husband, Roger, decided to start a hotel and restaurant business. Back in the days, that was a big adventure!

And yet Mrs. Lacour was not born for this vocation. Indeed, she used to work with her father in the family business as a heavy goods vehicle driver for the army. Back in the days, Francine was the first lady truck driver in the Hautes-Alpes department!

The Lacour establishment was first a truck stop, then a tobacconist and finally a press office. In 1954, the Lacour built a restaurant room on the train station side as well as real kitchens.
Unfortunately, in 1957, the hotel was destroyed by floods. Everything was devastated. Muddy water invades the premises. It reached the bar counter and it would take the Lacour family two long years to recover from such a catastrophe.


1959 – a New Restaurant Room
for the Lacour Establishment

In 1959, Mr. and Mrs. Lacour decided to transform the garage into a restaurant to host travellers. The same year, Mrs. Lacour passed away. Francine is now managing the hotel alone with her two daughters: Marie-Thérèse, 17 years old and Nicole, 11 years old.

Before her death, Mrs. Lacour had had made some plans to build an annex to the hotel.

Francine started the work in 1961 helped by her daughters. The annex is called “Catinat” and has 14 1-star rooms.

The kitchens and restaurant on the train station side will be enlarged in 1975 and the bar renovated during the same year.

The Lacour Family
and the Hotel*** Restaurant Today

In 1991, the extension of the annex was launched. This is the second phase of work with the creation of 16 2-star rooms on the garden side, a linen room and a meeting room. In 1995, the rooms located above the restaurant were completely renovated. Showers and toilets were installed in every room. After years of work and a life dedicated to the well-being of her clients, Ms. Lacour passed away in 2004 at the age of 91.

In 1998, after graduation and gaining experience in establishments in the South of France, Lionel Eymar, Nicole’s son, becomes Chief in his mother’s and aunt’s restaurant. Lionel took over the family business in 2010 with his wife Céline.

In order to refresh the establishment, Céline and Lionel have renovated the bar, tobacco shop and restaurant in 2012.